Single PCB and delivery panel

PCB Expert tip #8

Single PCB, delivery panel, multiple panel – what’ s the difference?

At WEdirekt, we offer three options how to produce your PCB. But what’s the exact difference?

  • Single PCB: A single PCB is considered a layout having one contour only without any panel frame. The PCB may contain inner cut-outs.

  • Delivery panel from data or attached documentation: Do you already have the single PCB data and a delivery panel drawing? Then this option is the right choice for you. No matter if the PCBs are all equal or different from each other. Your delivery panel is considered a multiple panel if it contains different PCB designs.
    Should you do not have a finished panellised PCB data, you can also send us a drawing, which will be taken into consideration by us when doing the panellisation. This means, that you only send us the design of the single board and we will do the rest. But please notice, that we only can create the delivery panel if the panel should contain equal PCBs only. Should you require a multiple panel, please always send us the finished panellised data.

  • Delivery panel using online configurator: This option is the right choice for you, if you do have already the single PCB data but no delivery panel drawing, yet want to have your PCB delivered in a panel. You can use the Online Configurator to state how you want your panel to look.

More information on the possible dimensions can be found here.

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